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Individual Therapy

Have you been negatively impacted by feelings of depression or anxiety? Are you your own worst critic?  Perhaps you feel that you haven’t always ‘fit in’, which has led to feelings of isolation or low self-worth. Over the past 17 years I have guided clients who felt anxious and full of self-doubt to find the confidence and emotional freedom to define their values, find their “why”, and pursue their purpose in life.

Over our first few meetings, we will identify what you are seeking from therapy and your goals for counseling. For shorter term issues, I often use solution-focused brief therapy, offering action steps to move you in the direction of your goals. With historical issues and trauma, I will work from an attachment healing focus, with an inner child and self-compassion focus.

One area of focus in my practice is inner child work. This focuses on healing your “little self” from the root. It is a way to learn to validate the child self within – to reparent yourself. Using photos of your child self and examples of wording/scripts, I can help you develop a new way of seeing yourself. Imagine being supportive, encouraging – even loving – to yourself, instead of critical and judgmental.

This journey may take you through painful past issues and patterns that have contributed to the challenges you are feeling now, but you can emerge with a life you will celebrate. You can learn to set healthy boundaries, sort through and prioritize both short- and long-term goals confidently, and develop skills and practices to bring some serenity and harmony back into your life. By learning about boundaries and your personal needs, you can heal relationships that may have become untenable in your life.

I am committed to helping clients feel not only safe, but individually respected. Join me in this nurturing space where you can share fears, concerns, hopes and dreams and then grow toward your own personal ideal.

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