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What’s truly important to you?

“It is not until you have a burning yes inside of you about what is truly important that you can pleasantly, smilingly, cheerfully, say no to all of that which is urgent, but not truly important. . . The more we are free from nonnecessities, the more we are free to do the more meaningful actions of our lives.”  ~ Stephen Covey

In these overscheduled, hectic days, our minds prioritize urgent tasks without taking time to evaluate ways that these may interfere in us being able to live our best lives. By filling up minutes, hours, and days with these nonessentials, we block opportunities for the “good stuff” to get in. How many ways do you keep abundance from flowing into your life? Self-care, a little quiet time, saying yes to what is truly important – these all hold promise of new growth and possibilities. Spending some quiet time with yourself and exploring your core values can help you gain clarity about the “truly important” things in your life and give you tools to make the best choices for yourself.