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I received a birthday card last year that read, “Thanks for being born.” To be appreciated and accepted by others is the thing we want most as human beings. Before we can truly accept this from others, however, we must be able to appreciate and understand ourselves.

This is the journey of our lives – an expedition inward to really know ourselves: who we are (starting place); who we want to be next (destination); and how to we might be able to get there (the exploration itself). Sometimes we need guides who have been on their own journeys, who understand the maps and terrain, and can help us see when to shelter and when to proceed.

Either way, it can be the adventure of a lifetime. To a place of comfort in your own skin – to know who you are and to evolve into your ideal version of yourself.  This will allow you to make decisions based on your values rather than other peoples’. It allows you to be your best self. And it can bring you a sense of self-possession.

The view from this place can be amazing!