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Is your inner critic a bully?

Do you struggle with perfectionism, procrastination, and negative self-judgment? Do you quietly (or loudly) question your worth, value, or competency in the dark of night?

These thoughts and behaviors are likely energized by an inner critic that has gained power in your life, often since childhood. These critical voices come from anywhere – family, teachers, friends – but wherever they originated, negative self-talk evolves into our own voice and can stop us from living our best life.

This critic rules through intimidation and fear, just like the bullies you met in school. “Why am I so different than everyone else?” “I can’t do anything right!” “Nobody wants to hear what I have to say.” “If I show I am mad, they won’t like me.”

There are several ways to address this bully.

The first step is to become aware of it; to see ways that it is keeping you from taking action. Four Steps to Conquer Your Inner Critic

It is helpful to recognize where the judge may have come from and separate yourself from it.

You can then learn to be kind to that critic, recognizing that this voice has been trying to keep you safe, but letting the voice know you don’t need that help anymore. (Some more ideas)

The inner critic or judge can interfere in your ability to

  • name and live by your values
  • set healthy boundaries for yourself
  • contribute everything you, as a unique and amazing human being, have to offer the world

You can learn to quiet your critic, to soften its harshness. You can love your inner critic into obedience. And then, you can get on with living life!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Reach out and choose your own journey.